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Why is one of these prototypes laggy but not the other?

I made this design for a class I’m in. There’s 2 versions, one for iOS and one for Android (see page 1 and 2). They should be identical, but the prototype for the iOS design runs smoothly, and the Android prototype is super laggy. Any ideas?


For me both of them are laggy. :laughing:

For me they both run super smooth on desktop - on an iPhone 8 the Android one is a bit laggy while the IOS one isn’t. I think the cause is resource utilisation between the two prototypes as its only seen on a constrained device. Look at the content that built them as there might be a difference on image size imported for example. I took off the Android background and it seemed a bit snappier. I also see the animation on Android version causing the delay. If you take off the smart animate its snappy on the phone. My thoughts are its something under the hood of smart animate is causing the issue in the Android version.

I am facing the same problem…Is there any method to fix it, as I can’t test my prototypes in a laggy interface.

So, I realized this problem is happening at the browser level. I quit Chrome, and reopened it with only the prototype (no other tabs opened) and it runs better now, but still slightly glitchy. Are there other things I can do to optimize Chrome? Also, this doesn’t address why one runs slower than the other, or why it’s slower on the phone (using figma mirror)