Super slow and laggy prototype view on Figma Mirror

I have an iPhone 12 and when running basically any prototype on Figma mirror, either the beta or AppStore one, prototype animations and transitions are extremely slow, laggy, and borderline not usable at all.

At first, I thought it would be because of large images or too many elements on a frame, but even with shapes and text, applying transitions and smart animation, makes everything play really slow and choppy. Does anyone else is experiencing it or know what do to to make it at least a bit better?


Hi, did you solve it?

Nope, still the same thing


I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 13Pro and it still the same, sadly.

Hey there, I’ve encountered the same problem with prototypes that where made of very complex nested components, with lots of variants, custom colors and fonts, etc… then i tried cleaning the whole thing up and it really made the difference. The amount of elements in a file really interferes in prototype performance. Do you think it may have something to do with it?

Not really. I’ve done prototypes with just two frames and a shape and still had laggy animations. It seems to be better on the latest version using iOS 16 Beta. Not sure if it’ll last tho.