Why doesn't my figma show an option "to change" without prototype?

Hi I’m trying to create an interactive component button but when I go to the prototyping tab to animate my variants, I do not get a “change to” option on the drop down menu. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly before that? I turn everything to components and I combine them before this step. If anyone can shed some light I appreciate it!

Hi @Flavia1,

Are you able to share a link to your file, so we can take a look?

To get the “Change to” interaction, you have to first sign up for the beta and wait until you are accepted, then enable interactive components beta in the prototype settings.

The change to option is appearing as greyed out no matter what combination of settings i use. This feature is now available to everyone. Can you help?

Hey @Dan_R,

Yes, interactive components are available to everyone. Please note that interactive components are an extension of variants though. If you don’t have a component set with different variants to work with when prototyping, you’ll need to create one first. More info here: Learn how to create and use variants →

Hey sorry but now that the beta is over, it says this is accessible to all Editor, but I still have the option greyed out. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Did you read the answer above and the help article? Can you show screenshots of what you are trying to link and see this option greyed out?

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