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Why are the options for editing instances so limited?

Hi there,

So we recently switched/are switching from XD to Figma, and I must say that Figma feels very limited in my ability to quickly play around with stuff, or do 1 off design alterations.

Let me elaborate and give an example:
We have a design with info icons that have a hover feature to help explain certain complicated settings.

I’ve created an info icon and a variable with interactive animation on “hover” where a text bubble with text appears when hovering.

There’s a section where I wanted to use a slightly smaller info icon - no problem, just resize it. But now when I hover the info icon returns to regular size and when activating the hover variant in the design I cannot edit the info icon because it’s an instance of another component!

In XD you could do literally whatever changes to the instances of components that you wanted, delete, add, rename, resize, anything you like. This gives soooo much freedom to quickly try things out without needing to re-create, detach the instance, or whatever else.

Lastly: If your hover variant is a different size from the original then the hover effect is almost completely useless when combined with auto-layout. In XD the hover effect kept the original component in the same location, but in Figma the entire new object also abides by auto-layout.

I can’t figure out a scalable way to design & prototype what we need.

Here’s the info icon:

And here it is when hovering:

Like I said, XD handles this completely naturally in the prototype, but Figma doesn’t.

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