Instanced Interactive Button Within Another Component

Hey, how’s everyone? I just got into Figma a couple days ago, and it’s generally been a great experience. I started working on some interactive components today, and tried out different interactions and whatnot.

Long story short: I made a hover state for a small button, which expands its size by a few pixels from the centre, and it works perfectly. Let’s call it hover button

Then I took an instance of hover button and used in another component, a card of sorts, so let’s call it card component.

When I use the hover button instance inside the MAIN card component and play it, it works beautifully (I hover over the instanced buttons and they do what they’re supposed to). Ah mamma mia! Marvellous.

NOW, when I use an instance of the card component and not the MAIN one, THE BUTTONS DON’T WORK :rage: as a matter of fact, something very weird happens.

I know I’m probably being stupid and overlooking some dumb little thing, but I can’t, for the life of me, solve it.

I recorded a little video of what I just explained, so it’s easier to understand.

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