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"While hover" problem with (local) text styles

Hi! Suppose I have a component with variants that make use of local text styles - one without underline (normal) and another with underline (hover). Problem: when exiting hover (in prototype), text style does not reset. But, if I detach text styles, its working!? All other resets work (color etc), except text styles.
Someone else having this problem? I’m working with a starter file which I’ve been using for months and as of today this problem occured :frowning:

Yup. Having the same issue. Set base component with two different text styles. Default=Regular @ 100% Opacity, Hover=Bold @ 50% Opacity. When mouse exits, the color resets but the text style does not reset to regular.

Found out that detaching and reapplying text styles in main component resolves the problem.

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That’s pretty hacky but it works. haha

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