When will you be sending invoices per email?

As a paying customer and a very unwilling Figma support, I would like to publicly ask for sending invoices per email. This is best practice for all bigger online services and it’s frustratingly annoying to collect every single invoice. Regarding the amount of customers, this would probably save thousands of hours on the customer side every month. So again: Please send us an PDF!
Thank you


Thank you for bringing this important issue to our attention in the forum. We understand and empathize with your frustrations, and want to assure you that your concerns have been promptly communicated to our internal team for further review. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards addressing this matter.

Hi, I want to support this request. Also please note this important detail: It should be allowed to add an email recipient for invoices that does not have to belong to a natural person (ie. no verification should be needed). Reason for this is that new accounting systems allow you to send invoices directly to them, but these emails are simply “invoice-dumps” (and verification is impossible).

+1 from me - It would be great if our accounting departement gets those PDFs automatically via E-Mail that I could provide somewhere. Currently I always need to download those PDF and send it to them which is a bit frustrating. Would be great if you add this feature.