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🆕 What's new from Config 2021?

About Config

Config is a global design conference from Figma, where we bring the community together for two days of exciting feature launches and talks from all who are passionate about design.

Couldn’t attend? Watch the keynote below for a recap of all of our exciting new features, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the rest of the talks go live!

FigJam [free and available now]

FigJam is a new product announced at Config 2021, and it’s completely free to use through 2021.

FigJam files are online whiteboards where anyone can take part. They’re a new space for the earlier, exploratory parts of your design process. For defining user problems, looking for inspiration, and exploring ideas with your team. Learn all about FigJam →

  • Chat with the team with cursor chat.
  • Energetically Emote and playfully stamp the board to hype up the team.
  • Create stickies to gather ideas during group exercises or leave notes.
  • Connect shapes with connectors to create diagrams, flowcharts, and user flows.
  • Use the marker to finally be recognized for your world-class doodling skills.

Have questions or feedback about FigJam head to the FigJam Beta category here →

Multiplayer limits [available now]

We’ve increased the active collaborator limit from 50 to 400, so you can work and play with hundreds of your closest cursors at the same time. Perfect for large design critiques, workshops, and using Figma in the classroom.

Figma and FigJam files now support up to 400 active collaborators (of which 100 can be editors).

Learn more about collaborator limits →

Starter plan [live today]

Figma’s updated starter plan allows you to invite unlimited editors to your team for free, and take advantage of those new multiplayer limits! You can read all about the updated starter plan or check out this short summary:

  • Invite unlimited editors to your team and files in the team
  • Use drafts for your personal work (you can still invite viewers, but to collaborate with editors, move the file to a team)
  • A starter team can have 3 files which can each have 3 pages within them
  • Keep files in up to 1 project

Branches [beta available now]

Users on a Figma Organization plan can now create branches for their files and have granular control over their most important design files.

Branches are controlled environments—like sandboxes—where you can make changes to styles, components, and other aspects of a file or library.

When you’re satisfied with your changes, you can review and merge your branch with the main file. You’ll have the option to resolve any conflicts before applying changes from your branch to the main file.

Learn how to create and merge branches →

Figma mobile app [limited iOS beta]

Our new mobile app is in beta for iOS! The Android app is currently in development. The mobile app lets you:

  • View FigJam and design files
  • Playback prototypes on your device, no computer required
  • Browse your workspaces, teams, and projects
  • Mirror designs directly from your computer and see updates in real time
  • Share your files and prototypes with your favorite messaging apps, airdrop, SMS, or email

Learn more about the Figma mobile app →

If you’re in the beta you can use our new Mobile Beta category on the forum to share feedback and ask questions.

Audio [coming soon]

Use audio to talk with other collaborators in your Figma and FigJam files. Audio allows for quicker and more efficient conversations with fewer tools.

Audio is currently in development and will be available soon.