Help: Can't sign-in into Figma Config 2023

Help, I’ve been trying to sign-in into Figma Config website 2023 to get the invitation link. But, right now I’m stuck after I inputting my email and invitation. Any idea what’s going on, or how do I solve this? :confused:

*Update: After, little research, apparently the server has daily limit for handling the load. Interesting :sob:, I think show this error to client would be helpful for the user, so they can understand what is going on.
Here’s what happened:

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Thank you @tank666 for linking our Youtube live above.

We’re experiencing some issues at the moment (but working on them – promise!), but you should be able to watch along there.

Thanks for your patience!

Has this been fixed? I am still unable to login!

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Does anyone have notes from the release features of the plugins?

While they’re routing to the general stream on YouTube, how do virtual attendees get to the specific sessions? There are five different ones starting at 2 ET.

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I also can’t log in and am being redirected to YouTube from every starting point. How to watch the talks I am interested in?

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Main stage

Design Ops




However, I’ve tried these and they keep repeating and skipping as time progresses.

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Wow, this is entirely unwatchable! Thanks, IraX for sharing the links-- I don’t know why they are not included anywhere on the confrerence website. But as IraX says, they skip and repete and I can’t even watch. Please fix the main page with easy links on each session on the agenda. Thanks!

Hey All, so sorry for the trouble!

If you were already logged into the site, be sure to log out then back in from You can find the specific room listed in the AGENDA then head to ROOMS in the top-right.