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What role does "Can edit" on Team Permissions have?

I’m an admin on the team and I’m trying to clean up the permissions. I’m having a hard time understanding how Team permissions influences anything. Here’s an example:

  • I’m set to an Admin / Editor role in Team permissions
  • I went through our projects and set Members of team to “Can view”
  • I cleared out all the individually set user permissions

In doing so, I locked myself out of a project I’m working on.

But I’m an editor on the Team level. I assumed that Team permissions will trickle into projects and files unless I explicitly set them as something else otherwise. But that’s not the case? What are the ramifications for my team if the project is set to “Can edit”? Do they all get edit access unless I explicitly revoke it? Does that mean that permissions are actually set at the project level since the team can be all “Can view” or “Can edit” but not “inherit from team”?

Thanks for your help