Variants in a Nested Component Do Not Work

Hi, I’m building a simple component that has a rule line and text underneath it. I first set up the component for the rule line with 3 variants for the different line widths. I then created a second component that includes the nested rule line component with a text box. But for some reason, even though I can select the line variants, the line doesn’t actually change. Have I set this up wrong?

As a side note, I initially set up the line component using a rectangle with different heights and I tried it out with a line instead (second page in below file) and this seemed to work. Does this mean that we can’t use different sized shapes as variants? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure if I follow your first comment but I can take a look at your file. Can you attach it or share a link? It didn’t come through in your comment.

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Sorry about, I’m new to this :slight_smile: But this worked for us, thanks so much for your help!