[Variants] How to link a textfield to a text property?

How to link a textfield to a text property?

My Component is called “Label”. It contains an Instance, “Default”. This contains Text called “Label”.

After adding a text property to a component FIGMA shows “not used within component”.

How to link this to the right layout / to the textfield named Label within the instance?

Same issue remains if Component is called Label/Default and does NOT contain any further instances.

Trying to solve this for months, its a pretty much pain in the ass I must admit.

Looking forward to Your advice / solutions

Select the “Label” text layer and apply the Text property to it.

I understand that you intuitively come up with this idea. But as my question says, the point is that it doesn’t work that way. If only because there is no button for it.

In my case, only boolean can be added / applied this way.

Your screenshot doesn’t show what’s under the “Text” section in the right panel.

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Text section, You mean in the right panel?

Ah! Thank You so much! :blush:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-13 um 12.33.03