Variant overrides erased after library edit

I have a parent component that contains a nested component with three variants.

After making content overrides to all three nested variants in the parent component, editing the root nested component in the library will erase all overrides in all variants not currently displayed.

The overrides of the instance currently displayed in the parent component will be preserved after the library edit, but all overrides of the other variants will be lost.

I’ve seen a few threads about this as far back as 2021; wasn’t sure they’re unique to the condition of the variant being displayed or not, and that it seems specifically related to components in a library. Either way, we lost a lot of content updates.

I’ve had similar results restructuring the approach with other methods including instance swap. Is this just severely broken or is there a way to do it?

Thanks but no combination of adding content items hidden in all variants will work. This has been reported quite a bit, and seems unique to nested variants (or more specifically, switching variants of nested instances), which is the scenario I have.