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Update from main bug

Whenever I try to merge to main, “Update from main” keeps showing although I did it and the file is updated.

If I try to merge without updating, it throws an error that I need to do “update from main” first.

Error flow is like below:
Click Update from main → File became up to date → Click Merge → … You can merge without updating → Click update again → No changes → Click merge → … You can merge without udating → update → You need to update first on the main file …

Hi Jonghee!

Engineer on branching here. Are you clicking “Apply” after you click “Update from main”? If not, please try it and let us know if it works. We know this flow is confusing, and we will soon deploy a change to make it more clear that you should click “Apply.”

If you are clicking “Apply,” is the option to “Update from main” in the upper toolbar afterwards not disabled? Also – when you say “‘Update from main’ keeps showing,” where do you see that information (e.g. upper toolbar, push notification, banner within the modal)?
It might help to record a video depicting the situation.

Sorry for the issue, and thank you so much for your patience while we investigate.

I am having this same issue. It asks me to update from main before merging. Having done that, the “Update from main” menu option is dimmed. I try merging again and tells me to update from main first. There’s no longer anything to update from main. I can’t merge.

Hi Chris,

Had you previously restored the branch you were working on? If so, there are some known issues with merging/updating from restored branches which we are currently investigating.

If not, I just followed up with you via private message, to see if we can dive deeper into the issue.

Thank you for your patience!

Same here. Merging a restored branch and getting “Update from main” bug

Hi Ruslan,

Thanks for letting us know! We’re still working on the issues with restored branches. Unfortunately, for now I suggest not continuing working on restored branches. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I seem to have the same issue. Even after I applied changes from the main file the message still shows up. If I do click on “Merge” anyway the main file wouldn’t accept the merge and the branch file is frozen till I refresh the tab.