Text override on instance not working

I’ve had a look around and read a few similar questions, but can’t seem to wrap my head around this. It seems really simple but something’s not clicking!

Basically, I want to override the text inside an instance and have the overridden text appear on hover. But no matter what I do, it seems to revert to the original text within the main component.

In the file attached, there’s even an example where the text override appears to work when toggling between the two states.

Basically, I want the buttons default state to say something – eg. ‘Click here!’ – and when hovered, it should say something else (‘OK!’)

I’ve also done a quick example with an image – trying to change the caption/overlay colour when hovering over an instance.


I edited your file and now everything works as expected.

Here is what I did to achieve the desired result:

  1. Button.
    I added different text properties (Default Text and Hover Text) to the button variants text layers and overridden the values ​​of each component instance variant.

  2. Card.
    I renamed the text layer to “Caption”, copied this text layer and added it hidden in the Default variant. Then I overridden the value into the component instance.
    To override the color, I added an “Overlay” layer to each card variant and set the opacity to 0 in the Default variant. Then I overridden the color into the component instance.

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