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Is there a way to make overrides work on "interactive components"?

I just made an interactive component with two states, “Default” and “Hover”. The idea is that when i hover over “Default”, it changes to the “Hover” state adding the text on top and stuff (which is working fine).

The problem comes when i use this components overriding the “Hover” state on the prototype because when i press play, it keeps coming to the original “Hover” state and not the overridden one.

Is there a way to make this work or im making something wrong? I hope im making myself clear.

I have come upon the same issue which is kind of a bummer, even though I understand interactive components are still in beta.

Is there a solution to this?

In case it helps, I hacked the behavior by using two different components in the case of a button and then combining them into a single one:

  1. 1 Interactive component that’s nothing but the background changing depending on states.
  2. 1 component for the text.

This actually saves the overrides and also the interactions.