Text hight changes

Im having an annoying issue with my text hight changing. For example: my “paragraph/regular” style is set up to have a hight of 26, this makes it easy to align things. but as soon as I apply this style to an area in a component variant the hight change to 27. anyone else have this issue?

Hey @Johan_Wepener, thank you for reaching out! This sounds like a case where our technical quality might need to take a look at. Could you answer me the following questions please:

Are you using a custom font for your text style?
Is this happening in the browser and the desktop app?

Can you make us a short video? Please include the whole window, with the properties and layers panels in view and relevant layers expanded, and select any layers you’re having trouble with so we can check any relevant settings. We use these videos to try and reproduce the issue in our own files and so showing all steps needed to reproduce the behavior is helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gayani

I’m using the desktop version of the app.

Here is a screenshot of the font, I cant get a video below the 8mb limit that is still decent enough quality to be able to see whats going on. do you have an email I can share this with?

Got the video down to size

Thank you @Johan_Wepener for sharing your screen recording this is very helpful. I’ve reached out to the teams internally for help. Will get back to you as soon as I get more information.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!