Speeding up Figma prototypes for viewers

Hey guys!

Currently I am using Figma for quite a big project and my client asked for a clickable prototype that can be used both by our colleagues on their side, and developers so that we can make the handoff faster and more smooth. Thus, I had to include a lot of interactions so that we can replicate some of the user flows in Figma.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that the prototype is quite slow on some machines. We checked for requirements and it has to work just fine. I have a suspicion that this “slowness” can be caused by a lot of links. (By slow I mean that it loads for a good couple of minutes and when you click through the flow each step takes approx. 30-60 seconds to load which seems to be a lot and really annoying when you try to understand a flow)

So I thought that maybe some of you had a similar issue with larger prototypes and has something to say about this issue so it could possibly be fixed.

I’ve tried creating a new file, breaking all the links, and then re-linking the prototype but it didn’t help. I’ve also reduced the number of images (or downsized them as much as it was possible) and currently use mostly components. I’ve also cleared the file as much as I could, including removing all the hidden layers and just those layers that are not essential. Even using as few links as possible didn’t help. I’ve also tried contacting support and they checked what may be causing a problem but didn’t find any issues.

I don’t really have any ideas at this point on how to speed up the prototype for the client and I really hope that I will find the answer here.


I can suggest an alternative way to share your prototypes with viewers.
You can export it from Figma using my Demo Station plugin to a local prototype and upload to some site or just send an archived prototype to viewers.

Hope you will find it useful. I’m totally open for feedback, suggestions, feature request, etc.

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