Speaker notes while presenting from Figma

I’ve been experimenting with using Figma as a presentation tool instead of Keynote/GSlides, on the theory that editing and theming should be a lot easier with components (and I should be able to achieve a more polished result).

The biggest challenge so far is speaker notes: showing my notes on one display, synced to the presentation (prototype) on the other. I’ve been able to jury-rig something on my Mac with an AppleScript, but wondered if there’s a better way. I don’t see anything in the Figma APIs to help with this; the closest I see is a node-id query parameter in the URL for the prototype, but not 100% sure how that works.

Any ideas?


Hey, also wondering how to do this. Right now I have presenter notes on the bottom of my presentation slide frames- but this only works for Zoom meetings zoom where I can set a custom screen share size. Google Meet doesn’t offer that feature, and my presenter notes are shown to everyone.

The only other idea I have is to have speaker notes on my iPad but requires me to advance the slide 2 times (once on each device).

Would you mind sharing the AppleScript solution?