Shortcut for changing mouse cursor to zoom out

Figma Desktop App on macOS:
Shortcut for Zoom-Out does not work correctly

Somehow the shortcut to change the mouse into a zoom-out tool doesn’t work as expected anymore. For years, this important shortcut (exactly like in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) always was:

Zoom+ or zooming in: Space+Command plus mouse click
Zoom- or zooming out: Space+Command+Option plus mouse click

To be more precise, the current situation is as follows:
If you press Space+Command+Option, the mouse pointer turns into the zoom icon just for a very short moment, but does not stay that way. This means that you cannot zoom out as usual using a combination of shortcut and click.
It feels like a bug and I hope that this will be fixed soon.

Anybody else experiencing this faulty behaviour?

Use ‘Z’ and ‘Z + Option’ keys.

using ‘Z’ is no option cause on european keyboards Z and Y are switched