Sharing library across organizations

Can you share a library from one organization to another without transferring it and making it public?

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Hi Victor, at this moment it’s not possible to share Libraries outside of Organizations.

Organizations are enclosed workspaces so you would only be able to use the Libraries within the Organization and you’re unable to share Libraries within this Organization to be used within other Organizations or the External Spaces workspace. You can check out this article for more information if you’re interested: Share libraries in an organization.

@Victor_Lupan1 have you found a solution to this problem? We have this problem too. We are an agency working for a bank. And the bank has hired several agencies, including us. They have created a library and want that library to be the single source of truth to avoid misalignments and inconsistencies between the different parties. However, if each of us has to create an instance of this library because the parent organization cannot share it with other organizations, that means potential inconsistencies in the future. Please, Figma team, put this into action :pray: