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Using external libraries, possible or not?

The company I work for has a Figma license. We also work with consultants that use their own license and they have their own Design library.

Right now I’m creating a duplicate of their Design library to be able to work with it under our Figma license.

Is there a way for us to use their Design library file by using “Libraries” from their company domain? If that would be possible, we would get all their new updates and we would not have to worried about links breaking to components and styles.

Using external libraries, is it possible?

Do you have Figma Professional or Organization? Are the libraries that you want to use published (so they can be used in other files)?

We have Organization and the company we want to collaborate with also has an Org license. The file I’m referring to is published under our consultant’s domain.

I am a guest user in their domain with viewing rights.

Since you are in the Org, you can’t use their library unfortunately. The only way is to create a copy of the file as you described, as far as I know.

Exactly. There’s currently no way of sharing live libraries across Orgs (and, as of a few days ago, across any type of Figma spaces, be it Starter, Pro or Org).

I’ve created a feature request to ask for such a feature. Feel free to upvote.

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