How to work with external teams and organizations in Figma?!

The Figma member, permission, and billing logic is driving us crazy…

Please consider how it works in Google Docs and Adobe XD.

As an agency, we always have to provide edit rights of a file to the client and our partners but not only viewing. In the workflow, we sometimes would like to invite external members to help contribute to some part of the task.

Sharing edit right of a file = getting billed
Does it make sense? … And on the client’s side, the same problem happens to them. They want to OWN a file and share editing with us. But they face that similar problem as well.

Figma’s current model is not facilitating co-working across different teams and organizations at all.

Do other agencies experience the same?
Any good suggestions?

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Also, Figma is missing a section like “Files sharing with me”.

It makes us difficult to find such files… My team members, including me, often have to ask for or find in chats and emails the links of such sharing files.

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