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Separate aspect ratio of cover thumbnail in main project view

I have a library of cover thumbnails that I use in projects. It looks great when the files are all grouped and shown in the single project view but from the main screen, thumbnails are cut off on the sides and shown in a cropped aspect ratio. I’ve followed the guides from the Figma Docs about safe zone and sizing but it’s kind of disappointing that there is a view that doesn’t play by those rules.

Has anyone found a solution to show the full cover thumbnail in a project container?


Can you show a screenshot so it’s more clear what view exactly you are talking about?

Sure – here’s the view where the thumbnails get cut off:

Here’s how I expect them to look, this is inside a project:

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Got it! In this case I think this would suit more into the #product-ideas category so people can vote for it and raise the issue to the Figma team. Feel free to edit your topic. There are no solutions to this (other than simply changing your thumbnail template so it fits into the smaller preview too).

Ok! I switched the topic. I’ll play around with the sizes, thank you @Gleb for confirming I’m not missing anything.

I suspect the core problem is that the 1600x960 “safe zone” isn’t truly safe. Figma can change their documentation now, even before they decide to make a change in code.

@Nick_Tassone @Alex_Mercado have either of you figured out a template that doesn’t cut off?

The issue seems to be 4:3 thumbnails are used in when showing all projects. But 16:9 thumbnails are used when in a project. So Figma needs to standardise them. I think to 16:9.

the 1600 safe area seems ok when viewing on my 27" LG display, but when the browser is sized down on 13" MBP it’s more closer to the edges. 1440 safe area seems to work when viewing on a 13" mbp