Select all highlighted layers

When selecting a nested component in figma in prototype view, it automatically highlights the same ones over multiple artboard. I’ve had numerous times when i wanted to select just those layers and the “Select all layers…” did not have the right option. Is it already possible because i can’t find anything about this topic.

The highlight in prototype mode is for the smart animate feature.

You could try selecting one of the components and going to Edit → Select all with same instance. If it’s a component within a component you could then try hitting Enter which will select the child(ren) of that component. You could also try a plug-in like Similayer.

Thanks for the quick reply! I use select similar for some cases but just to speed up my workflow it seemed like such i quick win to select the already highlighted components :slight_smile:

Thank you, this has been driving me crazy what it was for. I just want to select the same component across each of my artboards so I can put the same interaction on all of them! Hopefully this is something we will see in the future