What is this "similar layers" feature? And how do I use it?

Figma appears to recognise and highlight the same layer in other frames, even though they’re not in Components. Here’s a video:

In my example, the “menu” construction was simply copied and paste onto other frames. They’re not Instances of a Component. But when I’m in Prototype view, when I work on layers inside “menu”, the same layer highlights in blue on the other frames. They need to be named the same (all are named “item”) but also appear in the same place in the layer stack.

The blue highlight persists when I switch back to Design view, but it would not have appeared in Design view. It only appears when in Prototype view.

What is this feature called? And how do I use it? It would be very useful if there was a shortcut key that would select the other highlighted layers. It would give me the advantages a Component, but without having needed to create a Component.

These are the matching layers that Smart Animate can be applied to. As you can see, it only works when you use the Prototype tab.

Read more about this feature in the Help Center article:

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