Search results are not precise - we get 'similar words' instead of exact match

Hi, it’s very irritating when I search - usually for components and icons and I get messy, unrelated results.

I’m searching for SORT icon. I get unrelated SUPPORT icon. PORT =/ SORT.

Or I’m searching for SORT and I get SPORT. SPORT =/SORT

This is terrible, please fix it. I suppose others have same feeling.

Thanks for the feedback, @Adrian_Dabrowski! We’ll pass this onto our Search team for improvement.

@dvaliao Thank you so much! To elaborate and to give you and the search team more context I wanted to send short clip but I can’t. Let me describe next case:

I’m typing “ic-menu” and I get:
ic-money (pay, currency)
ic-mug (coffee, break, cup)

When I type only “menu” I get a lot of useless unrelated components:
avatar group

I assume you match these results because of partial search that is made in the description of mentioned components. I found out that there is a word “alignMENt” and most likely you are matching this and showing it as a search result because of that.

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