Do not close posts so that we can continue to vote

Every time I come to a topic here about an issue I am having, I see that the topic is closed after a few days, even though the issue is not fixed at all.

One good example is this one: Search results are not precise - we get 'similar words' instead of exact match

The component search logic is simply terrible, and throws dozens of results when I do a simple icon search with a name like SORT.

If Figma keeps these topics open, it will help us to vote and show that many people are having this issue.


Also, please allow us to comment until the issue is resolved so we can add more context or suggest solutions.

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Or at least extend the time before the post is closed to more than 90 days. It would also be great if the “time to close” counter restarted if the post is voted on, rather than only when there is a comment. A vote indicates that the topic is still relevant.

Hey All, thank you for the feedback and sorry for the frustration!

We hear you. We’ll pass this onto the rest of our Moderation team to see what can be done about current topic timers. FYI - when someone creates a new topic that relates to an old closed one, our team always prioritizes checking for previous topics so that we can re-open and merge them together.

If this ever happens in the future, feel free to start a new topic link the old one and we’ll do the merge magic on the backend for you!