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Scroll while hovering over something

This is pretty much the same question as this post:

Is there no way to scroll a frame when the cursor is overtop of an element with a hover state? So I am using the “While hovering” on a card to “Open overlay”, which dissolves in another frame that is the hover state of the card. If I use this method, I can’t scroll the underlying frame the card is in.

I find this to be a huge negative if this is a functionality limitation, as there are plenty of phone layouts that might have an array of cards or other clickable elements. Basically any feed-style page can’t include hover-states on clickable elements if you want the user to reliably be able to scroll too?

If anyone has found a workaround to this situation, I’d really appreciate it. The only solution I can think of is to ditch hover states.

This isn’t possible at the moment but will be possible when interactive components feature goes live.

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Learn more about Interactive Components & have to join the beta here