Scaling of canvas and font elements

Hi everyone,

I am currently on a mission to bring my company from Miro to FigJam to reduce tools and bring everything in into a single eco-system.

Our scrum masters complaining about scaling behavious in FigJam and I would like to adress this here because I believe it is a very big disadvantage towards Miro.

If you make elements smaller or bigger on the canvas, many input types like images, vector assets, typography, groups or Figma components behave differently. Especially typography is here a bigger painpoint.
FigJam comes only with a fixed font size like medium or large. And if you scale an elements, sometimes it works and the font scales to and sometimes it doesn’t. I think one reason could be that stickies don’t use “Auto” sizing as default like Miro stickies does.

It would be amazing to fix that in FigJam for better scaling behaviour!!

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