Figjam frustrations short list

As a former user of Freehand and Miro, there are a few things that are very frustrating.

Overall, I really like it. It’ll be excellent, at some point, and works well now.

  1. I dislike changing type size using the heading dropdown. Super limiting and too many clicks. Muuuuch prefer dynamic resize as on Freehand.

  2. Cannot resize stickies? Weird. I end up with these tall, narrow stickies. Made worse with text that doesn’t resize.

  3. Not enough fill options. The existing colors are too saturated and shouty, particularly in stickies. Freehand did a great job with different levels of intensity for a very limited palette, giving you many more options to tune the visuals.

  4. Comments aren’t discoverable. This needs work.

  5. Text (and drawing) elements have no owners. So I can’t hover and see who wrote something, which really limits the nature of collaboration on the board.

  6. It took me awhile to figure out how to make a simple, unfilled box, which is a useful way of grouping things on a big white board.

I think that’s mostly it. Love how performant it is.

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