Safari iPad OS 16.4 beta 1 cannot open Figma files

I have the iPad OS 16.4 beta 1 installed on my iPad Pro (in order to try to sort out some other bugs) and Safari in this release cannot open Figma files - after loading and selecting an object, the page reloads and gives an error.

Hey @Eliot_Lovell,

Sorry for the trouble! Our team is already looking into this bug and working on a fix. For now, the only workaround is using iOS 16.3.

To help our team out, you can also submit a bug report directly via the form here:

Just for information. The issue is still present in iPadOS 16.4 beta 2.

Yep I was going to post the same :blush:

Hey @John_Doe3 & @Eliot_Lovell,

Our mobile team is fully aware that the issue is still ongoing:

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