Figma keeps crashing

Hey there. I have been using Figma in an iPad app called “Figurative”. It worked for me really well for about a year. Yesterday it started crashing/quitting anytime i do something. What should i do?

Hey @Marci1,

It may be best to reach out to Figurative Support directly: If you prefer Twitter, you can also send a message to @figurativeapp.

I can confirm this! It crashes directly in the browser as well so it’s definitely not a Figureative issue since the app is just a container. When will you release a damn iPadOS native app anyway? The iPad is more than capable of running Figma especially the latest with M1 and M2 on board.

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Yes. The website doesn’t work either. I’m glad it isn’t just me

Are you by any chance on iPadOS 16.4? Look 🚨 Figma mobile app is not supported on the iOS 16.4 Beta! 📱
This explains why it doesn’t work on my end at least.

Yes, I am. I really hope they fix this quick, because it is very frustrating. Figma worked surprisingly good on iPad Pro for me and I hope I can keep using it

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