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Resolved Comments Are No Longer Visible

  1. Resolved comment are no more available to see

  2. I used to check resolved comment from the previous day each day and today all of them disappeared

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Or is it due to the last update?

4.Any advice? Solution?

Same for me on several projects

Same here, for two of us. When you resolve a comment it disappears, even if you have “show resolved” checked.

Historical comments are not displayed,Show historical comments has been checked

Hi! Thanks for the report. We are investigating this issue and hope to have it resolved soon.

Quick update: we have identified the cause of this issue and we are working on deploying a fix. I’ll update here when the fix has been deployed.

  • R.J.


We believe the issue is now resolved. You may need to refresh your tab or quit/restart the app to receive our fix.



Thank you very much! It saves me :wink:

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