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Several tabs for pages in one file

  1. My workflow with figma files is: single file for each product (like mobile app of web site), which has pages for each major feature/flow (usually named with jira ticket id + description). When designing a new feature, I am creating a new page in product’s file.

Quite often, it’s necessary to copy-paste or just look for non-component things from existing features on other pages. For example, copying texts, checking sorting on different screens, etc.

I found it quite annoying to look through list of file’s pages each time I need to check smth on another page, so why not to add possibility to open several pages of one file at the same time in different tabs, like it works in browsers or finder.

Does anyone feels same? Or it’s only about my own workflow?

For the reference, there are a couple of other suggestions aiming to solve a similar issue in different ways:

  1. Jumping to a specific page/frame using a search box
  2. Quickly go to last visited page and back
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IMO, that suggestions are not so obvious and “native-like” as mine with tabs