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[Prototyping] Putting components in frame removes prototype connection and smart animation

I’m trying to connect two components together in a prototype with smart animate. Both components are horizontal/vertical scrolling map views, one a zoomed-in version and one a zoomed-out version. The smart animation intends to link together the views, so it feels like you’re seamlessly zooming in and out of a single map view.

The smart animation works perfectly when it’s set up between pure instances of the component. The second I add a frame around the map, in order to add other UI elements on top (i.e. navbar), the smart animation breaks and becomes a dissolve instead. I noticed that once the components are inside a frame, the prototype connections between the two component instances disappear too (they are there when they’re pure instances not in a frame).

Super confused why the components don’t animate properly inside a frame. Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t post any screenshots or videos as it’s a private work project.

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