Prototypes got very small? HELP PLEASE

I’m still quite a newbie to this software and I am finding myself at a few obstacles. Yesterday, randomly, my wireframe screen became really small—like microscopic. To the point where when I open the file I can’t find them unless I select all the frames/elements. When I select all, a large blue outline forms around it and I have to follow it to the bottom corner in order to find my wireframes. Also, when I add mockup elements (like an iphone 14) the wireframes are too small (even tho the phone frame matches). I am using figurative on the iPad pro (sometimes I switch to figma on Safari browser). I have tried to resize to 100% and it super zooms into my wireframes, when I zoom out to a decent view I’m back at 2% zoom. I don’t know what else to do, I can’t even find a solution on Google to this specific issue. What are your thoughts? I provided a pic so you have an idea of what I’m dealing with.

Thanks! :blush: