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Prototype - why is the fix Position lost, when I create a mastercomponent?

I have a homepage, where the upper navigation should stick at the top. It works as long as the frame is not a component, but as soon as I create a component out of it, it is not working anymore. There is no checkbox for “fix position”. But ALL subpages will need a navigation. So why is that not possible?

Could you please record the screen or send some screenshots that show a bit more context?

Yes, sure :slight_smile: Here is a sample.

This happens because this option is not supported in components. You can create a suggestion for this in #product-ideas.

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Thanks for your response! Done! :slight_smile:

hi. folks. I have a little bit same question, but my question is this feature ( fix postion) does’t work when I applied autolayout. That’s true?