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[PROTOTYPE] Two similar interactions

I want to make this behaviour
1- Click on the image and set it to the selected state
2- Redirect it to the other screen simultaneously

I tried to make an interactive component and add an interaction but it seems there is an issue when you have two similar interactions

Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

Thank you for your feedback!

yes you can’t have 2 action on the same input since figma won’t know which one to do.

Depending on what you want… if it’s just having the image selected on the next page then I would recommend you to just have the image in a selected state on the other frame.

the other way around would be to have only 1 frame and use only the switch variant.

if you want to be able to select multiple images
I would strongly encourage you to create a component with a selected state variant that swap on tap.
then duplicating and overriding the image inside each instance

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Thank you!! I’ll try it!

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