Prototype models for Iphone 11 and 12 are missing

Great tip! Sorry for the delay to respond, and thanks for the help! Unfortunately i can tag only 2 users per coment @Graziella_Delceppo @_YuYe

Where are presets?

If you press F to insert a Frame you’ll see a list of preset options for frame sizes on the right. At the end of the list is “Archive” and in Archive you’ll find previous frame presets.

Selecting these — when there is no other frame on the page — gives you a device frame that fits that.

Just copying frames into other pages won’t work as the information what device frame should be displayed is unfortunately not stored in the frame itself.

Really sorry for the hassle, we’ll make older device frames easier to reach.


Thanks for this, appreciate it

Hey @nikolasklein … thanks for this info and I can locate the iphone 11 frame now. But what I am also missing is the prototype device view … this device is no longer an option on the prototype device settings. Any work around for that by chance? Thanks!

follow these steps and let me know if it works then.

  1. Create a new page — It needs to be an empty page!
  2. Select the Frame tool
  3. Select iPhone 11 from the Archive section in the presets menu

Then go the Prototype tab and iPhone X should be selected as Device frame and iPhone 11 Pro should also be selectable.

ohhh new PAGE not new frame. That worked, …legend. thanks :slight_smile:

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