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Framing Mistake

So I am brand new to Figma. I have only been using it for a couple days. I am taking a course on Coursera and was working on transferring some paper wireframes to digital copies.
When I created my first frame to start the digital copies, I decided to use the iPhone 11 Pro size. However, I made the mistake of resizing the frame to match the size of my drawn paper wireframes that I imported as a picture.
I discovered I made this mistake when I finished and went to look at the Prototype on the digital iPhone 11 Pro device. The size of my creations were way too big for the iPhone 11 Pro screen so the Prototype is way off.
Is there any way to resize my frames to go back to the original iPhone 11 Pro size? I don’t know what to do, and I worked for hours making several wireframes that are now all the wrong size and I can’t view them in Prototype because of the dumb mistake I made at the very beginning. Please Help!!!


You’ll want to select the frame, and then look to the top right of the screen where you can change the width and height of the frame to match whichever mobile device you’re trying to emulate. Then you will probably have to resize the image inside each frame as well to fit the updated frame size.

Hi, same problem here. Did you solve it? How? Thanks in advance

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