Prototype links are dying

We’ve been trying to run a few unmoderated research sessions and we’ll test a link multiple times with everything working and then, later, the link just pulls up a blank screen with the count of 0/0 screens. This is delaying our results and costing us on our testing platform.

Has anyone else had this issue? My only solution seems to be generating a new link, but that is not a solution. This seems like a bug.


I’m just having the same issue. Our clients can’t reach our prototypes via their links any longer.

Did any changes happen to the corresponding frames and pages in terms of renaming, deleting, undo or reordering?

I’ve experienced broken prototype links when either the prototype frames were renamed, or the page in the file was renamed.
Actually I thought it works with IDs instead of names (which are always subject to change, hidden IDs aren’t). Maybe it still does, but I always double- or triple-check links before sending them to clients.