Prototype component on hover and click nested

Since this morning I noticed that nested interactive component doesn’t work properly.
In details: I have a component that simply as 2 variants, and works on hover. Simply as that.
That component is nested in another component and is used for the “on click” function. In that way I can have the on hover and on click function.

I never touched my Figma file since months, it was all working fine till now. When I use the prototype, it glitches and I can’t click the component. Why? What’s going on?

I repeat, I had this all working by months and months and I never experienced that.

Link video: Registrazione schermo 2023-06-20 alle 15.47.23

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As you can see, the cursor glitches with i hover on the button. Never happened before!

You might find some insight about multiple triggers here in this comment:

Appreciate your answer… but the problem is this: it’s not the process the problem, but that until yesterday all was working fine. Plus: i have another component with the same types of interactions that works.

I never had issues with this kind of interaction. I use this method by years… why it’s not working now? Immagine-2023-06-20-185253

I simply created a component with an hover interaction
And then I used that component in another nested component, putting a “on click” interaction.
Simply as that.

As you can see here it works. There’s the hover, then the click that make the box disappear.

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I am building a new prototype, and having the same issue. Adding interactions to anything but the top layer of a component is not working.

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