Portfolio feedback is appreciated please

Hello guys! Hope all are doing well! Any expert designers? Could you please spare some time and give me a feedback on my portfolio? I would really appreciate it :relaxed: thank you!

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Hi Jaya!

I think this thread might be of interest to you:

Also, happy to provide feedback on your portfolio.


So, I took a look at the great work you did in your portfolio.

I analysed one of your designs and I got the following:

You can see that the attention goes to the car, not the CTA. To encourage the user to go to the next step/page, a better CTA contrast/color should be designed.

And here is the layout balance analysis.

It was also nice to see how you use the MVP strategy to figure out what the right feature set for potential users might be.

As I’ve been doing this a lot, I have found 2 great tools that maybe help you in future work:

  • MVP scoring chart, to prioritize different versions of MVPs based on assumption coverage, cost and time to build them (as shown in picture below).

I also like to use Value Proposition Canvas to capture the customer jobs, pains and gains. for customer discovery.

Hopefully this info was useful to you!


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hi marc,

thanks a lot for sharing feedback on the project ,
i will work on the improvements as you mentioned,
i appreciate your time and valuable feedback on it its helpful for me to gain deeper insights.