Where do you share design draft for feedbacks


I am a self-taught design learner, and want to share my design side projects for some more critical feedbacks. I find that is hard to get some critical feedbacks from dribbble.

What websites do your guys always use for share design draft for feedbacks?

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Hi Arlene,

We have a tool that provides feedback for your designs: how salient your design is, high detail info and layout balance,… Feel free to send the design to poe@attractive.ai or, if you use Slack, we could activate it for you to drag and drop the files to get immediate (within 20-30 secs) feedback.

Nevertheless, we think it would be much better for you and fellow designers to enjoy this as a plugin in Figma, so you don’t have to step away from Figma and get the results right away.

We are very interested in knowing more your thoughts on this, what would be the best way for you to use this plugin and the results, and basically, how can we make this super useful to you all.

Please share your thoughts and requests, and I invite the rest of the community to do the same, if you are excited about this new functionality, we’d love to support and help the great work you are all doing!

Ops, also added a video to show how Poe can help your designs :slight_smile: