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Make reviewing UX design work suck less

We still write up design review documents in Google Docs. A lot of the most important UX feedback we give in these reviews is on workflow, layout, and information architecture. The point-and-shoot nature of design feedback, not just in Figma but in all design tools, is more effective for visual design than UX.

I would propose something like a storyboard format. Once I have connected all the noodles of my prototype I would love to lay out the screens and state transitions in sequence, like a storyboard, with big comment fields for people to have meaningful conversations.

The tool also needs to be accessible to non-designers. PMs and Engineers remain uncomfortable in the guts of our tools, so it has to be presented in a familiar and non-technical format that invites feedback and contribution from other departments outside design.

One specific killer feature of G-docs is that when people comment and reply we get emails, further promoting productive conversation. This also needs to be effective.

I would also suggest something better than assigning feedback to a pixel on the screen, allowing a scope for feedback that can mirror component architecture. Like the dev tools in my browser that allow me to pull up code for components on the page as a hover, as I’m leaving feedback I’d love to hover my mouse to reveal the component hierarchy and then leave feedback at varying levels instead of just on a pixel