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Plugin development on Linux

I’m reading the documentation available from Figma and keep getting pointed to download a Windows executable called “Figma Desktop”. Is this the only way to develop a Figma plugin? I have to run a native application to develop a plugin for a web app?

I’m referencing this article from just a year ago: Building a Figma Plugin – Cory Etzkorn

Is that article completely out of date?


Ugh nevermind, just realized that article is using the Mac app.

Why not allow simple testing in the browser? Why make me download a native application?

Make it make sense please.

Browsers don’t have easy access to your local files on the computer, so in order to enable plugin development in the browser, there will need to be some other mechanism of fetching plugin files (e.g. you upload them manually as a zip archive). Figma app on the other hand has access to the file system.

That’s pretty fair. I’m not saying it would be a super streamlined experience but having the option to develop using a browser would be convenient. For example, the build system could generate a plugin archive on each build and then the dev could select it from the filesystem to test.

Not a great UX BUT it’s an alternative to the native app. Obviously a pretty edge/niche request but maybe something worth considering.

FWIW the native app development experience is really clean, sorry for my bluntness/bitchiness above, I was in a tizzy.

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Feel free to edit this topic and move it to #plugin-api:plugin-feedback-and-ideas (or create a new one there) so others with the same issue can vote for this suggestion.