Place and replace deletes all connector lines in figma

I’m building out flows in Figma using connector lines that I copied over from FigJam. When I use the place and replace action to swap out one screen with another, all the connector lines connected to that screen also get deleted. I have to manually disconnect each point for each connector line, use the place and replace action, then move the connector lines back to each element. Is there a way to not have the connector lines get deleted if I swap out a screen?

Hey Linda - sorry this is a late reply: can you provide a screen recording of this? I’m trying to visualize this a bit better.

Hi, sorry for the delay in response. Here is the screen recording. It shows what happens when I replace a screen using place and replace action. The connector lines attached to that screen gets deleted. The only work around is to detach the connector lines from the screen, place and replace, then reattach the lines back to that screen. This is a very cumbersome process.