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Photos do not appear when Playing prototype

I have tried many suggestions. Images appear in Design and are well within the frame. Some show and some do not when in ‘Play’.

Hope someone can help. Chrome browser.

Hi @Rob_Glennie,

I would do 2 things:

  1. Ensure that their constraints are set properly. Sometimes, they are set to “scale” and even though they look fine in Figma, the prototype renders them properly (as they should) based on the parent (group, frame, component). Adjust it and check if it fix it.

  2. Check their size (weight). When they are too large, even though you scaled them down, it may be hard to render in prototype. Try reducing their size with plugins or manually outside Figma.

Hope that helps!

Even if they are visually in the frame, make sure they are in the frame in the layers panel.

Another thing to keep in mind when using the browser is extensions: they can block images from loading, especially extensions that block ads.