Payment failed. File editing will be locked after 3 failed attempts

Am I in this situation? “Payment failed. Our last attempted charge was unsuccessful. Please update your payment method as soon as possible. File editing will be locked after 3 failed attempts” .How to fix?

Hey @Thanh_Tu_n_Le
To give some clarity, usually this notification is to notify that the payment is still pending.
When a payment fails, we’ll attempt the payment again the next business day. During this time you’ll still be able to access your account as normal. If your payment fails 3 times, Figma will temporarily block editing for files on your team.

To unlock your account, you will need to make a successful payment. To force another payment attempt, you can update your payment information.

Once you’ve made a successful payment, Figma will restore edit access to your account.

TIP: The most common causes for failed payments are insufficient funds in an account or an expired credit card.

I saw in our backend that you’ve already reached out to the support team. I have escalated internally, our support team will assist you as soon as possible. (We are not able to solve directly in the Forum due to privacy and security reasons. Still, if you have fixed in the meantime, please let me know). Thank you!